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      Frank Lu

      Chef Frank began his career in hospitality and restaurant service at age 18, training in a five-star hotel in Shanghai. Today, after more than 25 years in the hospitality industry, Chef Frank has cultivated a passion for international cuisine. His passion is cooking the best food for everyone, and to make people feel happiness and warmness from his food.

      Chef Frank’s traditional techniques and artistry use fresh local ingredients to exemplified in his unique creations to tell the story of both traditional and modern China. With signature dishes such as the Roasted Peking Duck and 13-Flavor Lobster, his international expertise creates an impressive epicurean experience.

      Locals know to ask Chef Frank to prepare a special seasonal menu of his choice which he will do upon request.

      By blending French style and technique with Asian ingredients, I am able to prepare a cuisine which reflects a cross-cultural fusion of east meets west

      Chef Frank Lu
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